Join Us for Our First Community Hour of the Year!

comhrCommunity Hour: Injustices around Us, Humanity within Us

Wednesday, October 5th
7pm-8:30pm, Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex, Room 120

Join us for an evening of dialogue and connection as we process the injustices in our world. Our goal is to provide space to reflect and connect with one another. Through our humanity we can make a better campus community and world. If there are specific topics you are interested in processing, or if you have ideas or thoughts please feel free to visit this link. No RSVP required to attend.

Sponsored by the Bias Incident Prevention and Response Team (BIPRT)

If you or anyone you know wants to talk with a member of the BIPRT, please reach out. We are here to talk:

Constanza Cabello, Director of Intercultural Affairs,, 508-565-1411

Peter Carnes, Chief of Police,, 508-565-1717

Jim Hermelbracht, Director of Student Activities,, 508-565-1020

Kristen Pierce, Director of Residence Life,, 508-565-1290

Kevin Piskadlo, Dean of Students,, 508-565-1099

Pamela Lombardi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry,, 508-565-1653

Maria Curtin, Dean of Faculty,, 508-565-1419

Phyllis Thompson, Director of the Center for Teaching & Learning,, 508-565-1911

Maryann Biedak, Director of Human Resources,, 508-565-1106


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