Announcing…the First-Generation College Student Resource Portal

first-genThe Office of Intercultural Affairs is pleased to announce the:
First-Generation College Students Resource Portal

First-generation college students bring a unique set of characteristics and skills to our campus. As this is a growing populations nationally—and our campus—it is essential that we give visibility to this large population!  The Office of Intercultural Affairs is thrilled to share our new First-Generation College Students Resource Portal! This resource is designed to support incoming and continuing first-generation college student in their academic persistence and graduation.

You can visit our portal at the following link:

What is a First-Generation College Student?
A widely recognized formal definition of a first-generation student (first-gen, for short) is any student whose parents did not complete a four-year, bachelor’s degree. This definition, however, raises several questions such as:

  • Is a student still first-gen if one parent/guardian completed a degree?
  • Does the type of degree – associate’s or bachelor’s – matter?
  • What if a parent or guardian attended college, but did not complete a degree?
  • What if the parent(s) or guardian(s) did not complete a degree, but an older sibling has?

We realize that any set of circumstances, such as those listed above, can cause a student to feel as though they identify as first-generation because their support system lacks knowledge of the college experience. If you are unsure about your first-gen status, or if you think you could benefit from additional support, feel free to stop by the Office of Intercultural Affairs to discuss.

First-gen Faculty and Staff are encouraged to sign up to be listed on the portal!
If you identify as a first-generation college student and would like to serve as a resource for other first-generation students please sign up to be listed on the portal. For more information or to sign up visit the “Faculty & Staff Resources” tab.

Stay tuned for First-Gen Week next semester!


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